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Welcome Christmas with our new range of stair runners on sale today! View all our stairrunners and carpets here.

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Introduction to Natural Flooring

Natural Flooring is an imaginative choice for any home. Whether you’re in a town house in New York or a Country pile in Connecticut. It offers an understated elegance. It offers a fabulous compliment to wooden, antique or modern staircases.

Unique and stylish.

As if being unique and stylish was not enough here are some great reasons to invest in a natural stair runners.

Environmentally friendly.

It is made from 100% natural fibers and 100% biodegradable. This gives a neutral or even positive impact on the environment. So you can buy knowing your doing your bit for the environment.

Safe for your family

Because our natural flooring contains no chemicals or VOC's like traditional carpet it means you're keeping your family safe.

Durable Stair runners.

It's extremely durable and wears better on a rub test than a domestic stair carpet. Expect a good life from these materials.

48 hour Delivery of your stair runners

If you're in a hurry we can rush your stair runners out to you within 48 hours. Time is money. You can finish your project with no delay if you choose our stair runners.

Need advice on fitting.

We have more than fifteen years experience stair runners fitting at your disposal so we can advise how to make your stair runner look amazing without having to waste money on an installer.

Stairs a bit noisy?

Natural flooring is by repute the best sound deadener in the world . They even use it in sound studios. So if you want to eliminate noisy footsteps these natural stair runners are a great choice.

Worried about someone slipping?

Our natural flooring is made with the grain across the width so its got great non slip properties. But of course exercise due caution.

Need to relax.

Its a recently discovered Psychological fact that looking natural materials or nature of any kind produces relaxing brain function to the mind . We all need to feel relaxed at home.

A Versatile Home Decor Staple

Our range of designer stair carpeting can adapt to your home's style. Our sleek designs, especially the striped edgings, are perfect for modern / contemporary homes such as New York apartments. They are just as suitable in a country mansion in the Hamptons. For a more rustic effect, you can opt for our coir range which has a unique rustic finish. For a more classic / traditional feel, get a lighter shade and complement with other artistic elements. A regal elegance can surely be achieved, especially on a winding staircase with ornate details.

Environmentally Friendly Stair Runners Carpets

All our carpets are handmade. Crafted from natural, biodegradable materials, such as jute, sisal, coir, hemp, and seagrass.We dont use pesticides , using high temperature anti humidity airing instead.

Installation and USA / Canada Delivery

Need help with installation? 90% of our customers fit their own . We have a wealth of free information on the subject for you.

Nationwide delivery throughout Canada and USA. Doesn't mater where you are , New York to California! Dispatch is averagely just 48 hours. Delivery of your new stair carpet is less than a week.

Our mission and belief

We have been weaving stair runners for more than fifteen years . We have supplied from Paris to New York.Every decision we make is quality lead . We cast aside cost and choose to focus our efforts on producing the best. We believe you will be as pleased with our service as our stair carpet. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer.

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Stair runner coin bleached

Stair runner natural and black stripe
Coir Brown Border

Jute Stair Carpet Runner natural and Bleached Stripes
Jute Stair Carpet Runner w/ Bleached Stripes

Stair Runner Herringbone Twill black border
Stair Runner Herringbone Twill black border

Coir Natural Design
Coir Natural Design

Sisal Stair Runner and Other Natural Flooring
Sisal Stair Runner & Other Natural Flooring

Stair Runner Design 5 Inspiring Ideas
5 Inspiring Ideas

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