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Stair Runner Design: 5 Inspiring Ideas

Are you looking for some inspiration to your stair runner project?

Here are five stair runner design ideas that you can rely on!

Stair Runner Design No. 1 - Your Seating Area

The first stair runner design idea is your setting area.

stair runner design ideas utilize space

Hallway seat. Good stair runner idea for space utilization and relaxation.

We all need space from time to time. If your house is like mine its hard to find a quiet place when you need it. Why not build a seating area into your hallway hallway for that Zen moment!

Here are some beautifully crafted seating areas ideas to enjoy when you need that downtime or just while you wait for your other half to get ready.

2016's on trend colors is a cozy paradise in white and soft blues (Picture to the left).

stair runner design under stairs design

Pictured to the right is a previously wasted space, now optimally used to showcase some accent cushions and provide a double purpose sit down and storage area. Great for that moment when you're waiting for someone by the door.

Stair Runner Design No. 2 - Compliment your stair runner project with a wooden half landing

stair runner with a half landing

Half landing simple minimalist look exposed wood.

Got a landing halfway up your stairs? Make your design original and standout by fitting wooden flooring to your landing. Laminate flooring starts at $3 a metre and wood flooring at around $6. You will need around a metre so this is a great value tip as well as looking good.

It will be quick and easy to fit the simple shape. If you need help we can provide free advice. You can email us at

The stair runner job will become very easy by removing the Landing issue leaving you with the job of fitting a straight stair runner.

Stair Runner Design No. 3 - Paint everything white. This will highlight and contrast the texture of your stair runner

Stair-runner design ideas white and blue accent

Joute Boucle. Available as you see it in beige border and with other border options.

Paint brand Benjamin Moore, who creates the ultimate in clean and restful environments says that their Color of the year 2016 is Simply White OC-117. Set your stair runner project off to a great start with this winning and simple design formula.

Flooring in warm stone shades is easy on the eye and the mind as you see to your left. Natural flooring will never clash with white.

Restful and connected with nature, shades of white are just the ticket to wind down after a fast paced day at work.

beautiful sisal stair runner

Sisal Gold in black border.

If you're looking for an accent colour Pantone, recognized as the global authority on color, named one of their "this year" colors as powder blue. The other is Pink (but keep to the dustier tones).

Connectedness and quiet simplicity are the drivers behind these gentle calming colours.

Designers are reporting that increasing stress levels in the world today are creating an ever growing need for balancing our mind body and spirit!

Now we could all do with some of that!

Stair Runner Design No. 4 - Paint the "tread" of your stairs black or dark varnish and leave the riser in white

stair runner design ideas paint your tread

Painting your stair tread is such a cheap and effective transformation if you have untidy paint work. Using black on the tread with contrasting white on the riser and is also practical when it comes to wiping off the odd scuff mark.

Use two or three thin coats and a slight sand with around 280 grit sandpaper if you're looking for a lustrous shine and an improved finish.

sisal stair runner

Sisal gold makes a rich finish to these painted stairs.

To create that magical timeless quality to your stair runner project try this sumptuous sisal chocolate stair runner which suggest centuries old workmanship in a modern world.

Sisal will maintain its appearance for years to come, particularly in this shade. If you want a lighter brighter feel try the sisal gold. This looks wonderful as you see to the right.

On a practical note. The stair runner itself will stop the paint becoming marked and make the stairs safe.

Stair Runner Design No. 5 - Make a little desk space

stair runner design ideas under stairs desk

Joute Boucle. Available as you see it in beige border and with other border options.

If you have that late night burst of "work energy" and need a quite place to perch your lap top; your bound to like the next idea.

I like this idea shown left because it looks elegant but doesn't intrude on the hall area.

I guess this understated design would be very reasonable to make!

So there are my best five stair runner design ideas to enhance your stair runner project .

I hope you find something inspiring stair runners design ideas and have fun making your stair runner project more exciting useful and Harmonious!

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