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StairRunners.US has been trading flooring since 1985. In over twenty years a lot has changed. managing director

Director Julian Muir-Hardinge always a nature lover, became intrigued with how plants could be woven into unique floor coverings. Julian went fact finding in the South American Tropics. Amazed to find that many of the plants that were woven were not only intensely beautiful, but more hardwearing than a traditional carpet. Combining these with hand dyed borders and natural latex backing the range of stairrunners you see was born.

Julian Says "I never cease to be overwhelmed by the incredible beauty of natural materials. I love to discover new things about natural flooring. Only the other day I found a report which shows that having natural products in your home produces an enzyme which induces peace. I had always noticed this feeling and now I know why ".

Coir stair runners for example are not just eco friendly but milling actually helps the environment. If the source plants are allowed to shed into water with their super tough fibers, it can block waterways. We clear them, wash them, dry them, mill them and make something beautiful. So when you fit your new stair runner you’re not just helping the eco system you’re saving a few fish as well.

There is something special about bringing nature into your home. Whether it’s a tropical plant, a beautiful statue or one of our stairrunners. It says something about your home and what’s more when you buy your eco friendly stair runner, it says something about you!

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to e-mail our fully trained sales staff. We will be happy to answer your questions and give advice on any of our stairrunners and natural flooring products.

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