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The Perfect Stairs : Carpets, Handrails, etc.

What makes your staircase so special? Is it the wrought iron baluster? The magnificent wooden handrail? The stair runner you have so carefully chosen?

Whatever it is, surely, stairs will make a statement in every home. It is sometimes the centrepiece for a huge mansion, the area where lots of pictures are taken on that special moment of your daughter’s prom night, or your three boys lined up on each step. Memories that will surely last you a lifetime.

However, we should also take into consideration that the staircase is one of the places where accidents occur. That is why it is important that you make it safe. How? The stair runner is one solution. Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers and sellers of the stair runner like StairRunners.US. Also known as the carpet runner or the rug runner, the stair runner is made from different materials suitable for your taste and your lifestyle. Some are made from natural materials which are more durable and long wearing, others are made from carpet materials that are prone to flattening, tracking, or shading.

There are different choices available in the market. But make sure you research which is best for your home. As a bonus, stair runners add aesthetic value to your home.