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Deciding on Home Accessories - Rugs and Beyond

The house is our sanctuary, a place where we find comfort, our home away from the hectic schedules of our professions.

Like individuals, each home has its own personality, its own character. The home usually reflects who the inhabitants are, what habits they have, what hobbies interest them, and the lifestyles they live. Still, choosing the right accessories to complement the home can be quite a challenging task, especially if one feels that he or she does not have that artistic flair.

However, this should not be an obstacle to turning your house into your perfect home. After all, it is an extension of who you are. It can be quite simple when you take time to understand that it is a representation of you and your family. Here are some tips to accessorizing your dream home:


How do you move around in your house? Do you prefer walking barefoot on wooden or carpeted flooring? Do you like having guests around? Do you have small children? Are you allergic to dust? Do you have pets? Do you travel a lot? These questions will help you determine whether you should get stair runners (also called carpet runners or rug runners) so that your kids do not slip when climbing the staircase; or perhaps you need pillows on your couch for more comfortable seats when entertaining.


Do you like the collections from your numerous travels to be displayed? Or maybe you want shelves for your books? Do you want a space for your kids to keep their toys? Do you want color or do you prefer neutral shade stair runners? Are you a minimalist or do you prefer Victorian style stair runners? It's a good idea to discuss with the rest of the family when deciding on the overall motif and theme of the space.


Stair runners are definitely safer if you have small children or elderly in your home. It safeguards against slippery stairs since the carpet creates more grip for shoes, feet, and socks.


Whatever stair runner you choose, there is always a more affordable version. It just depends on your budget. Are you the practical decorator? Or are you the luxury brand connoisseur? Don't worry - if you're on a budget, there are discounted cheap area rugs for sale that look like a million bucks.

The bottom line is, just be yourself. Make the house your own, and make it a place that you want to keep going home to.